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Muhammad Haseem Ajaz is a Pakistani Social Entrepreneur and Sociologist. Serving as a Life Coach to improve other’s life. Author of Hoax Sociology and Philosophy. Content writer and Blogger at various platforms including Pakistan National Television (PTV). He has been helping people succeed in their life by making Youtube videos.


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As you know the life is actual the whole journey from the day we are born to the day we die. And in all these years, our core objective is always to be happy and this can help us to make others happy too. We will be happy when we make others happy.

Haseem Ajaz (Social Scientist)

Insights to elevate your financial confidence and unlock your potential.

I have been coaching alot of students since last five years and what i have understood is that we need coaching not because we are not literate or confident but because we have the capacity to refine our character and behavior.

You can expect alot of positivity from this platform. Your future is going to be very bright and enriched with success. Best wishes for you.

I take you and your time very seriously. As i know that you can do more than your capacity. I believe in you. You can awaken the giant within and get to know yourself much better than you do now.

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Mainly based on the topics of sociology and philosophy.

Analytical and Social perspective of World.

Regarding the Great Blessings of the the Blessed Mawlid.

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"I recommend to read the books wrote by Muhammad Haseem Ajaz."
Qasim Ali Shah
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"Mr. Haseem beautifully mentioned social issues in his book."
Shehryar Khan Afridi
Politician - PTI
"I am really happy to see that Haseem is serving the nation in best of his abilities."
Iqrar Ul Hassan
Social Activist
"Muhammad Haseem Ajaz is doing good work for the Ummah in these times of Fitna."
Shaheer Sialvi
President - State Youth Parliament

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