Hoax Sociology and its Philosophy


About Author

Muhammad Haseem Ajaz is a Pakistani Social Entrepreneur, sociologist and life coach. He has been helping people succeed in their life in any way possible. He aims to make people enjoy their lives in a positive and good way. He spends a lot of time helping youngsters with practical life coaching on his YouTube channel. His main efforts are concentrated on the youth of Pakistan. He believes learning should not exclusively be left to the formal classrooms. Practical knowledge/experience can never be beaten and is far easier and quicker to acquire. ‘Hoax Sociology and its Philosophy’ is his first book published by Auraq Publications.



About Book

The book based mainly on the topics of sociology and philosophy. The concept of spiral dynamism thoroughly discussed with reference to some of its dimensions which are blue, orange, green, yellow and turquoise. Dimensions discuss the state of mind and the state of consciousness of people which makes it very easy for all of us to avoid the conflict based on lose assumptions. The Zen’s mythology has also been discussed in the book which helps us to study and analyze the consciousness of the self, society as well as the pathway of life. Since, there has been a less improvised look upon such topics in our society nowadays, so keeping this thing in mind, the book has been written beautifully which makes it comfortable for anyone to read.



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